About TBP

So, you heard we’re quite the monsters.

Hi, my name is Bre, and I suffer from not one, but three personality disorders. Every internet forum that I’ve come across that is supposed to give information to help and provide information to those who struggle and to their loved ones seem to have one common theme – People who have Borderline Personality Disorder, and many other personality disorders, are cold, manipulative, self-centered individuals. We are painted as evil creatures that lurk under beds and hide in closets, waiting to strike our unsuspecting victims.

I’m here to try to shed a little light on the fact that we are not equivalent to computer viruses or hurricanes or demons, but that we are in fact nothing more than people, just like everybody else. I’m here to be a real person with personality disorders, speaking about personality disorders as honestly as I can. I’m here to answer questions, and extend unconditional support.

Besides, the only people that should ever write about personality disorders are the people who have them, and the psychiatrists who treat them.

— Keeping our Minds in Mind —